The products we use are good quality face paints, tattoo inks and glitters. All are approved for professional cosmetic use. As with any cosmetics, some people may be sensitive to any/all of the ingredients, should you have ANY concerns regarding a possible reaction to any of our products please discuss with us before being painted or tattooed. Please also inform us (prior to application) if you/the child has sensitive skin. We can do a small patch test 20 mins to 1 hour before painting to be sure of no irritation. Should a reaction occur we will be unable to paint or tattoo the child.

Carols colours will not be held liable for any child or adult that reacts to any of the products and cosmetics we use.

Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.

Carols colours cannot at any time be considered to be in sole charge of a child's care.

Children should be well supervised (by a responsible adult) and not left unattended whilst they are waiting, to avoid disruption.

Parents / Guardian / Responsible Adult must stay with the child whilst they are being painted or tattooed.

Carols colours accept no responsibility should any of our products get transferred onto clothing, carpets, furniture or other soft furnishings.


Consent should be obtained from parents for their children to be painted or tattooed at any party. (It is probably easiest to add a comment on the party invitations i.e. A face painter will be at my party. I do/do not give permission for this child to be painted.) The booking client is responsible for obtaining this consent.

We require the booking client to certify that permission has been obtained to paint the attendees.