Below are some questions and answers that provide further details for you. If you have any more queries please use the 'Contact us' page to get in touch. Thanks.

Can you provide more than one Airbrush artist / Tattooist ?

Yes we can. We can provide enough people and equipment to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you have an age limit?

Yes. We will not generally paint children under the age of 3 years. We will, at our discretion, paint children between the ages of 2 and 3 years, but will usually only offer a small arm paint or stencil design. This is due to the sensitivity of young children's skin and other safety issues. We will only paint children who can sit still ON THEIR OWN or, if nervous, on their parents knee, and can ask for their chosen design themselves - by speaking or pointing.

There is no upper age limit!

Are you insured?

Yes. We hold £5m Public Liability Insurance covering us for Airbrush face painting, temporary and glitter tattoos. We can provide a copy of this to you upon request, at the time of confirmed booking.

What type of paints do you use? Is there a risk of allergies?

All airbrush paints and temporary tattoo components are manufactured for cosmetic use, and as such are safe for use on skin. Note however that some people could experience allergic reactions, it is advised for you to request a test patch to be carried out if you are at all unsure of any possible allergies. Allergies associated with glitter tattoos are linked to the adhesive used on the stencil (similar to medical plasters) and the glue used in application, this is rare but is possible. Please see the “Product Information” page for more details.

Are there some people or some “things” you won't paint or tattoo?

Yes, any child under the age of 2 years, plus anyone showing signs of possible skin infections or other medical problems that may pose the risk of cross infection to others or cause increased problems for the customer (such as with eczema or acne).

In these cases, if possible, a small painted design on the arm or a glitter tattoo will be offered instead. This is to help minimise the possibility of cross-infection to other clients and to avoid causing further distress and discomfort to the person being painted.

We will not paint or tattoo any child who needs to be held still by their guardian, or who is restrained in a pushchair (wheelchair users are obviously an exception to this rule and can of course be painted in situ). Body Art should be an enjoyable experience for a willing child, for the CHILD'S benefit, not for adult amusement.

Please see our “Health and Safety” page.

We will not paint any logos, symbols or text that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Is Body Art messy to apply?

Yes, a little, due to the cosmetics, glitter and paints. Any loose material on the floors/furniture will vacuum up. We always recommend an area where we can put down a protective cover for indoor events. The protects in the unlikely event of any spillages.

How do I remove the face paint? How do I remove a glitter or ink tattoos?

Please see our “Product Information” for details. We can also advise and hand out instructions to each person directly on the day.

Will you work outdoors?

Yes we will, but we must know in advance. We need to discuss provisions for shelter. We can provide our own shelter if required; there will be a charge for this. We retain the right to refuse to work if you have not provided the shelter/shade as detailed on the booking confirmation or booked our own shelter. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us to discuss.

Can we book you for just one service or all of them?

Yes, you can book all our services or just one; but be aware that time may be an issue, particularly if you wish for guests to have several different items. We would normally suggest giving guests the choice of one or two items, certainly not all. Please ensure you have booked enough time for all the required services. Please contact us for advice and to discuss your requirements.

How much do you charge?

Our standard base rate at the moment is £70 for 2 hours (per Artist). This is for any of our core services. We will usually insist on a minimum booking of 2 hours unless very local to us, in which case we may be open to working less than 2 hours for a reduced rate. Additional time can be booked at the rate of £30 per hour(per Artist). We are happy to discuss package deals for multiple or full day bookings, dependant on travel distances etc.

We request a booking fee for most bookings to secure the date for you, this is to be paid along with a completed booking request. The remaining balance for all private events is due cash on arrival on the day of your event, prior to any work beginning. (corporate bookings are different, please contact us to discuss). Please contact us for further details.

Do you do charity/non-profit work or pay-per-face (PPF) bookings?

We will choose to work with a few charities each year, please do not be offended if you ask and we refuse. We still need to be able to accept secure, paid bookings so we can earn a living.

Typically, if a nonprofit doesn't have a budget for an event and wants to hire a professional face painter, they find a local business to sponsor the face painter. In exchange, the face painter will display a banner to show the sponsor's name hand out the sponsor's info with their business card at the event.

We can offer several booking options for charity and fundraising cases or other public events which can include:

  • being paid or hourly or daily rate and charging the public to recoup costs for you (you will keep all monies taken) - this is preferable to us as we still cover all our costs whilst you earn back what you have paid to hire us, and hopefully a little extra for your chosen charity. Also having a Body Artist attend helps to draw in the crowds
  • being paid a small retainer fee to cover basic costs then charging the public and donating a percentage to your chosen charity
  • working on a PPF basis where we set a charge for the public and then donate a percentage back to you or keep full takings ourselves depending on the type of event and prior arrangements.

Please note we very rarely pay a pitch fee to attend events. Airbrush face and body art are a huge draw to events and it is beneficial for the organisers to be able to advertise their event with having a face and body artist attending. Having this type of service will undoubtedly increase your footfall. We regularly have large queues and are popular with all ages, this brings more business in for us and for you.